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How to promote a Business Effectively: Go Online

Starting a new business has never been easier and more people than ever are doing it online! The opportunities on the web are vast and many people who do not have large advertising budgets are finding great success by promoting their business online.

You can do it too! We here at Marketer Friendly are working hard to help people just like you find success online by sharing tips and offering suggestions on how to promote your business online without breaking the bank.

Promoting a business online can be very cost-effective and usually requires a small budget compared to having ads aired on TV, radio or published in print. The exposure online can also have a much more targeted group of prospects as compared to traditional advertising and promotion where you are casting a much larger fishing net.

With promotional campaigns online it is very easy to target the exact demographics that are most likely to convert into customers.

There are many ways how you can successfully promote a business online. We're here to help explain how!

Build Your Own Web Sites

Create a business website to gather leads from online traffic, or even better yet - create several content rich websites relating to the niches and audience demographics you are targeting.

These "content rich" websites will help you get more exposure to highly targeted prospects and help you to get your message in front of people who are truly interetsed in what you are presenting.

Your Main Domain

Start by creating a business website or two. This is the first and most basic step on how to promote a business online.

Your main domain name is critical and you must own it as it is the ADDRESS people type in to get to your site.

If you buy a domain your site address will be something like

If you get hosting such as free blogs or cheap hosting that is on a subdomain your address will be something like

If the domain you’ll be using is your business’ registered name, make sure this will be the primary site you will be sending all the leads you gather online to for purchasng or making your pitch.

You should regsiter it to make sure no one else is using your brand or business name online.

Have you seen the web hosting blog yet?

Keywords, Domain Names and Niche Blogs

In addition to your main domain you should research which keyword phrases your potential customers would be interested in and create simple little niche websites with good content targeting those keywords, so you can get free targeted search engine traffic.

We suggest using a blog format employing a platform such as Wordpress, because it is easy to blog and quickly add articles, videos and images that will attract people looking for info on the topics you are blogging about. Keep in minthathe easier and faster you can get good content publishged - the faster you can gain new prospect and customers - so try toavoid complicated software or programs that require you learn a lot of technical procedures. That can take you away from marketing. We like blogs because they work - and they;re fast and easy! Also people love blogs too! Oh and let's not forget about search engines... they love blogs too and will send a good blog a lot of free web traffic!

Web hosting services - virtual, dedicated and managed servers.

The best way to establish credibility is to register aka buy your own domain name and pay a hosting company to manage your server and make sure your site stays online 24/7.

Buying the domain name gives you complete control over what you can do on it and you get peace of mind by hosting your site on a managed or dedicated web server.

It can be expensive to get your own dedicated server - so this may not be the best way to start off, depending on your budget.

While deciated web hosting is best, sharing space on a cheap server is fine - just make sure it is with a reputable host.

Just make sure you do not put all of your web efforts on free hosted blogs. You need to have control of your business or everything can collapse at the whim of the other companies who may close your free accounts for any number of reasons. Some of these "free hosting" companies are notorious for closing accounts and wiping off the blogs fromn the face of the earth. You don't want this to happen to you!

Your primary business name or brand name domain should be hosted somewhere that can deliver traffic when you need it most and for that you must pay to have a web hosting account! We'll suggest some good hosting companies on this site plus share more info about the free hosting problems a lot of marketers face so that you won't fall prey.

Cheap Hosting

Your secondary sites can be on cheap hosts or even on free hosting. A cheap host charges anywhere from 5 to 50 dollars a month for a hosting account and in most cases will handle almost everything that is server related for you. This is very attractive for beginners.The up sides that they watch the hosting and make sure that the web sites are up and operating. The down side is that they often put more customers on a server than they should and at peak times the web pages will load very slow. That is why we suggest only using "cheap hosting" for your secondary sites if possible. Your main business site should never be slow or worse yet - down!

Marketer Friendly presents Almost Free Blogs! You can create blogs on any topic you want!

Almost Free Hosting

We here at Marketer Friendly also offer a 3rd option for your business and marketing web sites with our "Almost Free Blogs" where you can pay a very small monthly fee (or a hugely discounted annual fee) and have access to create as many Wordpress Blogs as you want. These blogs can be about anything you want (family friendly and no spam of course)! Our "Almost Free Blogs" are espeically great for getting free search engine traffic as your blogs are hosted on subdomains using your keyword targets! By providing providing good quality niche content on our hosting you'll be spared having to buy a domain for each niche topic you are targeting.

Our Wordpress Blog Hosted sites are "marketer friendly" meaning we love our customers to make money and promote their businesses and affiliate offers. You don't have to worry with Marketer Friendly shutting down your blogs!

We'll provide more info on the almost free blogs site soon, along with links so you can register.

Free Hosting

You should try to not rely too much on Free Hosting as it can bite you in the butt. These free hosted blogs are notorious for shutting down accounts. They especially seem to hate marketers and businesses.

Free blogs are almost always not business friendly. Be careful if you create these accounts!

The free blogs shut people down - they don't ask questions and once they shut you down you're out of luck.

It has happened to me many times and I know a lot of people who have suffered big losses because their free hosted blogs disappeared overnight because of some petty violation of an agreement to not "market a business.

Free hosting is great for sites you don't care about losing. Use them knowing they may be gone tomorrow. Just make sure you don't spend much time on these sites because they have a high risk of being terminated.

Newest Articles

Good Content. Fresh Content.

If you’d like your website to rank high in search engines, you need search engine optimized articles to improve your business website’s visibility.

Your website should also contain information about the products and services your business offers. Make sure all information is current and usable and udate your site as often as you can.

Optimized pages with good keywords are loved by search engines who can list your website at the top of search results pages for keywords that get a very large amount of traffic.

A clean, interesting design for your website will help. If web designing is not your strongest suit, hire a professional to do the job for you. Remember that a poorly designed website is nt going to help you convert. Good clean design will help conversions go up and that is the goal.

Once you have created your business website, you need to update it often to keep it fresh.

Pay per click advertising - PPC (advanced)

While an organically optimized website that gets good search engine traffic for free is one of the best ways to promote a business online, it can only get you so much traffic per keyword target.

Views can increase your rank in a search engine and one way to get them is topay for them. One way to increase your views is through pay per click or PPC advertising.

Google Adwords is a great way to buy traffic for your web sites. Pick your target keywords and bid on them! Pay as little as a few cents for each clck or if the traffic converts veryhigh you can bid more! Some business will pay 10 or 20 or 50 dollars a click because they know the traffic will convert at a high rate.

Google Content Network Banner Display Advertising

In this type of pay per cilck or impression based advertising, an advertisement for your business’s website is placed on a high traffic website or blog page. When readers click on the advertisement, the content you want them to se is shown. You can give them a special offer or maybe even offer a free membership with a gift.

Also remember that free search engine rankings have greater chances of ensuring visibility as it is visible on the top of search engines.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking is another way on how to promote a business online.

It’s also the most inexpensive way to promote your business to a much targeted audience. You only need a few minutes to create a page with social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

It also gives you a chance to interact with your loyal and prospect customers as well.

However, to effectively promote your business online through social networking sites, you must know your target audience and to keep your business’s page updated with pictures, relevant articles and other gimmicks to appeal to your customers.

Join and be active in a community

Just like social networking websites, online communities such as forums allow you to promote your business to a targeted audience and interact with them. But do avoid spamming forum threads with your business’s website. You need to build rapport with the other members and only mention your business when appropriate.

Tell a friend!

Word of mouth is still one of the most surefire ways on how to promote your business, online or locally. Get customers to spread the word about your business and you’ll surely be getting more and more clients in.

You can also scour the internet for bloggers who promote your kind of product and let them know about your business. For instance, if you are selling organic cosmetic products, you can give them gift coupons or free samples of your products so they can create a review on your product.

There are a lot of ways on how to promote your business online, but you can start with these tips as these entail little or no cost at all.

Coming soon - Marketer Friendly presents Almost Free Blogs - set up your own Wordpress Blogs on any topic you want!

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